Did You Know Marilyn Monroe Never Actually Posed for Playboy?

It’s either really creepy or some might call it touching but the story of Marilyn Monroe never actually posing for Playboy goes a little deeper than you might think. When she was still largely unknown and trying to get her name out there she did pose nude and received $50 in modelling fees. Of course as most know she eventually went on to fame and fortune as one of the sexiest women alive, but also one of the most troubled. However, despite showing up in Playboy Monroe never once modeled for the magazine. Hugh Hefner paid $500 dollars for the photos and posted them in his magazine. He sold roughly 50,000 magazines overnight thanks to Monroe. The problem is she never saw a dime from those sales and had to even buy a magazine with her picture in it to see what people were so worked up about.

At the time she was highly embarrassed by this and worried about what it would do to her career. Thankfully it didn’t do much since she was already on a roll and would have been hard to topple off that easily. But despite all that Hefner and Monroe never met once. They spoke on the phone at least one time but beyond that she had no contact with the man. That’s why Hefner having purchased the crypt next to Marilyn’s for $75,000 seems a tad strange and kind of disturbing. Some find it touching since he wants to be interred next to his first cover girl for all eternity, while others find it kind of a sleazy intrusion that simply puts another dark mark on the record of a man that made a living exploiting women and calling it a successful business. However you feel about Hefner the idea of buying a crypt next to a famed movie starlet just so you can have the privilege of being buried next to her is kind of odd.

It might seem a lot different if the two of them had known each other and had spent time with one another throughout the years. But Monroe passed in 1962, while Hefner passed fairly recently. He had a lot of time to mourn her and say goodbye to his first real cover girl, but going this far seems to be a kind of obsession. Of course people can say whatever they want about it, no one’s really going to listen at this point or even make the argument against it. What’s done is done and there’s nothing that can change it. Thinking about it now though that was kind of a sleazy thing to do, buying up Marilyn’s pictures, showing them to thousands of people, and never giving a single cent for it. A lot of people claim that Hefner was a shrewd and cunning businessman, but in some cases he seemed a bit like a cheat, taking advantages of the women he used for his magazine and doing whatever he could to keep the lions share of the profits.

If Monroe ever had a problem with it though no one ever heard about it.

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